The most electrifying tribute show to one of the world’s most legendary Rock bands, Led Zeppelin

Boot-Led-Zeppelin’s outstanding show promising more of the Led Zeppelin trademark, music prowess, acute attention to detail, incredible showmanship and a lavish stage production.

Capturing the magic and excitement of Led Zeppelin’s concerts, the band faithfully perform their classic songs, including Whole Lotta Love, Kashmir, Stairway to Heaven and many more.

At the heart of Boot-led-Zeppelin are four talented musicians dedicated to perform Led Zeppelin’s music to the highest standard, delivering the ultimate Led Zeppelin experience.

Press Quotes:

“The sound is perfect, the look uncannily detailed”

BBC Berkshire

“Boot-Led-Zeppelin recreate a bygone era with meticulous attention to detail.”

The Oxford Times

“Fantastic performance!”

Bob Harris, TV & Radio Presenter

“Go on Boot Led! The nearest thing I have heard to the lords of rock!”
Fearne Cotton, TV & Radio Presenter